Why Does Alex Hormozi Wear Nose Strips? [2024]

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According to Alex Hormozi, nose strips help him with breathing issues, improve sleep quality, and boost performance in the gym.

Entrepreneur Alex Hormozi is often seen wearing a nose strip that many mistake for a bandaid in public appearances and social media posts.

The small adhesive strips across the bridge of his nose have become part of his signature look.

But why does he use them?

In this post, we will share why Hormozi wears nose strips and how to find your own.

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Alex Hormozi Nose Breathing Issues

Alex Hormozi nose strip, podcast

In a YouTube video, Hormozi explained that he relies on nose strips to aid his breathing. He stated:

“I’ve had two nose operations and I probably still need another one…I couldn’t breathe at all. This is the only way I can breathe unless I do this, I can’t breathe out of that nostril.”

He had surgery twice to address breathing issues but still requires the strips to breathe properly.

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This suggests he has some ongoing structural issues internally that impair airflow.

Nose strips can help open the nasal passages more for improved breathing.

They may also prevent mouth breathing at night, which improves sleep apnea in those prone to the condition.

Hormozi has implied the nasal tape help his sleep quality.

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Alex Hormozi Nose Strip for Workouts

Alex Hormozi nose strip, workout

In fitness videos and gym photos of Alex Hormozi’s workouts, he wears nose strips while lifting weights and training.

Restricted airflow can diminish workout capacity and hinder breathing control.

Opening the nasal airways with strips allows more air intake/outtake.

This enhances oxygen circulation during exertion, boosting stamina, power and workout quality.

The accessory takes his training to another level.

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Alex Hormozi Nose Strip Text

Alex Hormozi Nose Strip Text

You may have noticed that some of Alex’s nasal strips have text on them.

The words on Alex Hormozi’s nose strip reads: “BE ONE OF ZERO.”

Hormozi encourages ambitious entrepreneurs to “be one of zero” by keeping promises, giving before asking, winning approval, and forging their own paths.

Alex Hormozi Nose Strip Business Opportunity

Alex Hormozi nose strip, business opportunity

Beyond personal use benefits, Hormozi also recognizes the business and branding potential of nose strips.

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He has brainstormed models of selling branded strips at high profit margins. He stated:

“They cost about 30 cents a strip and cost a penny or less to make…sell them for $19.99 or $24.99 and sell 30, 60, 90 packs…$80k a month, $1 million a year in profit.”

He sees an untapped market given the strips’ inexpensive production costs.

Alex also envisions incorporating motivational words like “grit” and “persist” printed across strips and marketing them as both a health product and personal development tool.

The concept aligns well with his varied business ventures in coaching, education, and other industries.

Nose strips represent an entrepreneurial opportunity that synergizes with his personal brand.

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