How to Adopt the Powerful Alex Hormozi Routine

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According to Alex Hormozi, routine should be minimal, prioritized, and high leverage.

Hormozi is an entrepreneur known for his gym business and current work in acquisitions.

His content often focuses on business, mindset, and productivity principles he’s learned firsthand.

In this post, we will share the core elements of Alex Hormozi’s routines, starting first thing in the morning, that you can apply right now.

The good news? It’s very simple to incorporate!

Alex Hormozi Routine

  1. Wake Up: Hormozi starts his day promptly when he wakes up, usually between 6-7 AM. He does not lounge in bed or check emails first. As he states: “For me that looks like waking up and having a cup of coffee and getting to work.”
  2. Coffee: He drinks a cup of coffee for a quick caffeine boost. Hormozi keeps his coffee plain and simple, saying “This is decaf all decaf, yeah I drink whatever my wife usually drinks because it’s easier.”
  3. Morning Work Block: Next, Hormozi jumps straight into 1-2 hours of focused strategic work like business planning or content creation. He blocks distractions during this power hour, noting “I have more time to work…I just have more time.”
  4. Movement: On most days, Hormozi’s workout routine involves going to the gym primarily for weight training to energize his body and mind. He also prioritizes mobility, stretching, and walking meetings when possible.
  5. High Leverage Tasks: Hormozi structures his days around completing business tasks with the highest potential payouts and leverage based on his experience. Examples include recruiting, creating systems/templates, or closing acquisitions. He batches similar tasks together, saying “Order your tasks in order of the leverage that they have.”
  6. Evening Family Time: In the evenings, Hormozi makes time for family and friends, avoiding work where possible. He established healthy evening habits around food, leisure, and sleep.
  7. Reflection: At the end of each day, Hormozi reflects on productivity, lessons learned, and areas for improvement to help refine his days and business over time incrementally. Tracking progress over weeks helps him best determine optimal routines and highest leverage activities to focus time around.

Alex Hormozi Routine Minimalism

A core tenet evident across Hormozi’s routines is embracing minimalism in various aspects of his lifestyle.

For example, he mentions eating the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily.

By reducing decisions in small areas like meals, he preserves mental bandwidth for high-leverage business tasks.

Hormozi is also minimalist in his physical environments and possessions.

In one video, he jokes about fitting his entire wardrobe into two drawers, contrasting with his wife’s spacious closet.

The minimalist mentality enables greater focus on business, learning, and service.

Alex Hormozi Routine Prioritazion

Alex Hormozi discussing his routine

Hormozi frequently discusses the concept of leverage – getting exponentially greater outputs from inputs.

He prioritizes tasks almost solely based on leverage, ordering them from highest to lowest.

Instilling this ruthless refinement allows him to achieve more progress per unit of time.

It also leads to greater impact, as higher leverage activities compound to unlock transformational results.

Define Productivity and Leverage Clearly

Hormozi notes that often people add non-productive activities to their routine hoping to increase productivity.

However, he is adamant productivity means “getting more done per unit of time.”

Therefore, new activities should actively multiply output, not simply fill time.

Similarly, he distinguishes productivity from busyness, stating “people who move faster in life don’t actually move faster, they get more done per unit of time.”

Order Tasks Based on Leverage

Tying into productivity, Hormozi believes task prioritization should be based predominantly on”leverage” – outputs generated per time invested.

As an example, he compares making individual sales calls versus creating a training system for selling.

Though both generate sales, the scalable system provides exponentially higher leverage long-term for equal input.

This concept of assessing and ordering tasks on leverage is key to Hormozi’s routines. It also enables scalability by identifying capacity multipliers.

Cut Low Leverage Activities Ruthlessly

Finally, Hormozi stresses the importance of cutting activities that provide limited leverage ruthlessly.

Even activities commonly viewed as mandatory, like intricate morning routines, face scrutiny based on their leverage value.

Ultimately, he explains “the perfect routine would be you wake up and you immediately work.”

While reasonable warm-ups have merit, the goal is reaching maximum output per time invested, which excessive routine elements may inhibit.

This principle manifests in Hormozi eliminating lower-leverage aspects of traditional morning routines in favor of starting work immediately.

It also applies to broader lifestyle choices, as he cut unfulfilling hobbies and environments to focus on service and learning.

Alex Hormozi Routine Health

Despite common perceptions of entrepreneurial hustle culture, Hormozi believes sustainable habits enable greater long-term success than short-term burst efforts.

For example, he prefers reasonable work timers over unreasonable overtime.

He also sets rigid sleep schedules, even using alarms to ensure he gets adequate rest.

This long-game perspective allows Hormozi to operate at peak energy levels daily instead of risking burnout.

It also led him to ditch vices like drugs and excessive drinking, often glamorized in entrepreneur circles.

Alex Hormozi Routine Knowledge

Hormozi continually works to codify his knowledge and experiences into systems, templates, and playbooks. He then applies these codified lessons systematically to streamline progress in future ventures.

Alex Hormozi's Book
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This enables rapid scaling, as he skips traditionally challenging startup steps by implementing proven playbooks. It also creates leverage, as one codified lesson can unlock exponential value across companies.

On an individual level, Hormozi encourages tracking tasks and time usage quantitatively to measure progress over time systematically. This codification cultivates clarity and accountability.

Alex Hormozi Habits

Alex Hormozi outlines his top 4 daily habits that he credits with generating massive returns over time:

1. Wake Up Consistently at 4 AM

Hormozi wakes up at 4 AM consistently every day, even on weekends.

He believes the regular schedule allows him to get personal development and strategic work done in the mornings before distraction creep in later in the day.

This schedule provides structure amidst the chaos of running businesses.

2. Maintain a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Tying into the previous point, Hormozi stresses going to bed at the same time every night.

He avoids the common tendency to sleep later on weekends, which disrupts weekly rhythms.

Consistent sleep bolsters consistent waking energy levels and productivity.

3. Give Value to Others Without Expectation

Additionally, Hormozi makes a habit of providing generous value to his network contacts without expecting direct reciprocity.

This builds goodwill and his reputation over time.

Interestingly, this habit started as an attempt to ease personal insecurity and anxiety within new groups in his younger years.

4. Take Complete Ownership Overall Aspects of Life

Finally, Hormozi highlights total personal accountability as a keystone habit.

By refusing to play the victim or blame external forces, he shapes his own trajectory. This ownership mentality enables proactivity and problem-solving.

Developing just 1-2 positive habits can compound over the years to drive outsized growth and success.

Hormozi’s path demonstrates the power of consistency, discipline, and personal responsibility in ritualizing behavior activating the highest individual potential.

Alex Hormozi Growth Mindset

Finally, much of Hormozi’s teachings illustrate a growth mindset philosophy. He believes virtually all skills, behaviors, and ways of thinking can evolve with deliberate effort.

This mentality enables significant self-improvement trajectories, as Hormozi continually reinvents his branding and offerings based on audience feedback.

It also underpins core business principles like training employees thoroughly before dismissing their capabilities.

Overall, Alex Hormozi’s routines and philosophies provide various insights for entrepreneurs about optimizing productivity, progress, and personal development over the long run.

His emphasis on leverage, systems, and growth enables ambitious yet sustainable goal achievement.

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