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Andrew Huberman, a popular neuroscientist and tenured Stanford professor, has gained immense popularity for his research-backed advice on optimizing human performance through sleep, diet, and lifestyle habits.

One of his key recommendations for achieving more restorative sleep is finding the right mattress or bed cooler tailored to your needs.

In this post, we will share Huberman’s mattress recommendations, sleep tips, and the best tools to improve your sleep quality.

Top Picks:

The Science Behind Mattress Selection

According to Huberman’s research, choosing a mattress suited to your natural sleep position and temperature regulation needs is critical for optimizing sleep quality and duration.

This is because of the biology behind how our bodies regulate temperature during sleep cycles.

Body Temperature Drops To Initiate Deep Sleep

According to Dr. Huberman, the body’s core temperature needs to drop by 1-3°F from its normal waking temperature to initiate and maintain deep, restorative slow-wave and REM sleep cycles overnight.

This slight temperature drop is a key part of the body’s natural circadian rhythm.

During initial non-REM sleep, the body begins peripheral vasodilation, increasing blood flow to the limbs and allowing core body heat to dissipate.

As sleep progresses to the deeper slow-wave sleep stage, metabolic rate and thermoregulation decline even further, facilitating a sustained lowered core temperature.

A mattress that retains too much heat from your body or doesn’t allow surface heat to dissipate can disrupt this crucial downward shift in core temperature that your body requires to fall and stay deeply asleep.

Temperature Rises Again Near Wake Time

Later in the sleep cycle, as morning approaches, your body naturally brings your core temperature back up by 1-3°F through peripheral vasoconstriction that reduces blood flow to the extremities.

A mattress that adapts to your needs by allowing this subtle rise in core body temperature or dissipating excess surface heat can support a more refreshing waking transition.

Waking up hot and sweaty can make you feel groggy.

According to Dr. Huberman, you spend about 60-90 minutes in light non-REM sleep as your body temperature ramps back up, nearing final wake time.

So a mattress that facilitates this biology optimizes feeling refreshed upon waking.

Spinal Alignment Varies By Sleep Position

Maintaining a neutral alignment of your spine and joints in your preferred sleep position is also key.

Most people sleep on their side, back, or stomach.

Each position requires proper support to minimize next-day pain and restless nights.

For side sleeping, you need a mattress that cradles your shoulders and hips to avoid over-rotation of the spine.

Back sleepers require lumbar support.

And stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress that doesn’t allow the hips to sink in.

Misalignment of the neck, back, and hips through the night strains muscles.

Finding a mattress suited for your dominant sleep position provides proper cushioning and support for spinal health.

Andrew Huberman Mattresses & Bedding Recommendations

Women getting quality sleep, Huberman mattress recommendation

Based on the circadian biology and importance of spinal alignment, Huberman suggests mattresses and bedding optimized for advanced cooling, body-contouring comfort, and positional support for a truly restorative night’s sleep.

Here are his top science-backed picks.

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress

Dr. Huberman strongly endorses the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress as an advanced temperature-regulating mattress option.

This air-based mattress contains dynamic heating and cooling technology on each side to facilitate the ideal 1-3°F core body temperature drop and subtle rise overnight.

Precise temperature control through the Eight Sleep app allows you to program the ideal temperature curve tailored to your needs over the course of the night to optimize your sleep cycles.

The Pod uses ambient room temperature and biometric data to adjust surface temperature automatically.

According to Dr. Huberman, this type of dynamic temperature regulation maximizes time spent in restorative slow-wave and REM sleep by facilitating your body’s natural circadian rhythms.

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Eight Sleep Pod Cover

For those with an existing mattress, Dr. Huberman recommends the Eight Sleep Pod Cover as an easy upgrade.

This adjustable smart cover brings high-tech heating, cooling, and sleep-tracking sensors to transform your current mattress.

The dual-zone temperature control allows cooling and heating between partners.

And the sleep tracking provides insight into sleep stages, heart rate, breathing rate, and more to help inform optimal temperature settings.

Huberman states this advanced cover can upgrade any mattress with dynamic temperature regulation technology tuned to your biology for deeper, more restorative sleep.

Helix Mattress

Dr. Huberman also endorses Helix mattresses for their personalized approach.

Helix uses a detailed sleep quiz to match you to one of their mattresses tailored to your sleep style, body type, firmness preference, and support needs.

Questions determine if you sleep primarily on your back, side, or stomach to ensure proper spinal alignment and pressure relief.

Helix also offers mattresses designed specifically for heavier or lighter sleepers to provide ideal comfort and durability.

According to Huberman, this personalized matching approach maximizes restful sleep and alignment.

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Helix Pillows

To complement the Helix mattress, Dr. Huberman suggests their ultra-customizable pillows for neck support based on your sleep position.

Side and back sleepers need a higher loft pillow to properly fill the gap between the neck and mattress.

Stomach sleepers need a flatter, softer pillow to minimize neck strain.

The Helix pillows allow you to adjust the interior fill to suit your needs.

Proper spinal alignment from head to toe is key for waking up pain and ache-free, says Dr. Huberman.

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