Bryan Johnson Grounding Sheets Recommendation

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Tech entrepreneur and Blueprint founder Bryan Johnson is one high-profile advocate of grounding sheets, claiming they improve his sleep quality.

Grounding has gained attention from health experts like Andrew Huberman for potential health benefits like better sleep, recovery, energy, and lower inflammation.

In this post, we will examine Bryan Johnson’s recommendation of grounding sheets and the evidence behind them.

Bryan’s Recommendation
Grounding Fitted Sheet

What are Grounding Sheets?

Closeup view of grounding sheets and wires

Grounding sheets are regular bed sheets that have thin silver fibers woven into the fabric.

The silver allows the sheets to conduct electricity, acting as a pathway between your body and the earth.

This effect is known as “earthing” or “grounding”.

The theory is that connecting to the earth’s natural electrical charge reduces inflammation and stress.

It’s claimed grounding sheets can improve sleep, energy, blood pressure, and more.

Bryan Johnson Grounding Sheets Recommendation

Bryan Johnson is known for aggressively optimizing his health with different technologies through his Blueprint longevity project.

In one video, Johnson simply stated: “The sheets I have are grounded. We found some good evidence on that.”

While he didn’t share details, this illustrates that Johnson uses and recommends grounding sheets.

Blueprint Reddit Grounding Sheets Experience

Unlike Johnson, some Reddit users on the r/Blueprint subreddit have shared more specifics on their grounding sheets experiences.

Been using for the last 2 days with exceptional results. Bought the ones off Amazon that Brian recommends.

What I’ve noticed:

Feel more relaxed/tired in bed

Feel more energetic and alert during day

Sleeping much longer, normally I sleep right at 7hours. Last night I slept 8hrs and 43 minutes. My longest sleep of the year.

Tracked with Withings Scale

Systolic blood pressure fell 10pts

Vascular age fell to under 39yrs old. I’m a few months shy of 42.

I’ll keep monitoring but so far I’m 🤯


Ive used a grounding mat for about two months now and have noticed a big difference in my speep quality and mood.


Grounding Sheets Science

There is limited scientific literature on grounding, but some early studies and anecdotal data have found several potential upsides to the practice.

Cardiovascular Health

One study explored the cardiovascular benefits of earthing, or grounding, on improving blood viscosity and red blood cell clumping, both associated with cardiovascular disease.

Sleep Quality

Another small study found improvements in circadian cortisol levels as a result of having a test group ground themselves while sleeping.

The study used a conductive mattress pad for grounding patients.

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Pain and Recovery

There is limited research on the use of grounding patches to promote wound healing, as well as inflammation related to long-term injuries.

Keep in mind that these studies may have conflicting interests and are based on low sample sizes.

Energy and Mood

Another small study tested a grounding protocol on a group of massage therapists to explore potential benefits.

Patients who used grounding self-reported decreased levels of fatigue, depressed moods, and tiredness.

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