Bryan Johnson Metformin: Science & Rationale

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Tech entrepreneur Bryan Johnson uses metformin as part of his Blueprint longevity protocol, but he has shared limited insights into why he uses the medication.

Metformin, traditionally used as a diabetes medication, has recently gained attention for its potential anti-aging effects.

In this post, we explore Bryan Johnson’s metformin usage, how he monitors important health markers, and the early science behind metformin for longevity.

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Bryan Johnson Metformin Experience

Bryan Johnson shares that his blood glucose stays 94% in the optimal range of 70-125 mg/dL through using metformin in combination with diet, CRON (calorie restriction with optimal nutrition), and supplements like cinnamon, zinc, vitamin D3, and DHEA.

To monitor his glucose levels, Bryan uses the FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring system.

This allows him to track his blood sugar fluctuations throughout the day closely.

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From this data, Bryan sees no clinically significant impact on his blood glucose from also taking human growth hormone (HGH).

On Twitter, Bryan details his full glucose optimization protocol: Metformin sustained release taken morning and evening, the alpha-glucosidase inhibitor acarbose with meals, plus anti-hyperglycemic spices like ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, and garlic.

He also prioritizes a low glycemic index/glycemic load diet and calorie restriction with optimal nutrition.

By measuring biomarkers like glucose and sharing experiential insights, Bryan provides valuable real-world perspectives into how metformin could optimize health when combined with other evidence-based longevity interventions.

His experience lends further support to metformin’s potential while larger clinical trials in humans remain ongoing.

He monitors glucose with FreeStyle Libre and sees no negative impact on blood sugar from HGH.

Metformin Diverse Benefits

While initially approved for blood sugar control in diabetes, research now suggests metformin impacts various metabolic pathways involved in aging.

Studies show it reduces inflammation, enhances mitochondrial function, and may help prevent cancer.

This multifaceted mechanism makes it an attractive research topic for longevity.

How Metformin Works

Metformin activates AMPK, a key enzyme involved in energy homeostasis.

AMPK activation mimics the benefits of exercise and calorie restriction.

Metformin also inhibits mTOR, a pathway associated with accelerated aging when overactivated.

These combined effects optimize cellular processes vital to healthy longevity.

Evidence from Animal Research

Studies in model organisms demonstrate metformin’s ability to extend lifespan:

  • In C. elegans worms, a 50 mM dose increased mean lifespan by 40%.
  • In mice, metformin extended lifespan by up to 37.9%, with greater impacts in females.

Metformin’s safety record makes it promising for human trials.

Early research shows improved biomarkers, lending optimism for translational potential in aging.

However, larger RCTs (randomized controlled studies) are still needed to demonstrate longevity effects in humans conclusively.

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