Bryan Johnson on WHOOP: Science and Recommendations

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Entrepreneur and founder of Kernel, Paypal, and the Blueprint protocol, Bryan Johnson, has reached impressive health metrics using insights from his Whoop device.

According to recent data, Bryan ranks in the top 1% of Whoop users for both sleep performance and recovery scores.

In this post, we will cover how Bryan uses his WHOOP to optimize his sleep, health, and longevity.

Let’s dive in!

Bryan’s Recommendations
Sleep Tracker: WHOOP
Alternative Tracker: Oura Ring

Bryan Johnson Whoop

Johnson’s achievements with WHOOP are noteworthy.

Health MetricJohnson’s PerformanceWHOOP User Percentile
Sleep Score100% ConsistencyTop 1.4%
Recovery ScoreHigh EfficiencyTop 1.4%
Heart Rate Variability20% ImprovementNotable Increase
Time Spent in Bed~9.5 HoursExceptionally High

In August 2023, he celebrated a pivotal milestone: maintaining a 100% sleep score for six straight months.

His recovery scores also soared, placing him in the elite 1% of all male WHOOP users.

These statistics are not just numbers but represent a significant transformation in his lifestyle and well-being.

Bryan’s WHOOP Data (August 2023)

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WHOOP Science

Bryan's Choice
WHOOP 4.0 with 12 Month Subscription – Wearable Health, Fitness & Activity Tracker
  • 24/7 health tracking
  • Tracks science-backed metrics
  • Monitor HRV & recovery
04/03/2024 05:05 pm GMT

Johnson’s reliance on WHOOP stems from its scientific accuracy in monitoring health metrics.

One study found that WHOOP outperformed several other popular trackers in sleep tracking.

WHOOP’s ability to track sleep patterns, recovery rates, and overall fitness plays a crucial role in helping Bryan create and refine his Blueprint protocol.

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WHOOP Features

At its core, WHOOP offers an intricate sleep-tracking function.

This comprehensive analysis of sleep patterns is pivotal for users to understand and optimize their sleep for enhanced overall health.

Beyond mere activity tracking, WHOOP places significant emphasis on recovery monitoring.

It assesses recovery by analyzing heart rate variability (HRV) along with other crucial physiological data.

This helps users strike a balance between training intensity and rest, ensuring optimal recovery and preparation for subsequent physical activities.

Based on all the data it collects, WHOOP tailors its recommendations to each individual user to fine-tune daily habits and routines.

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Whoop vs. Oura

In his videos and other content, Bryan uses both the WHOOP and Oura ring.

Source: Bryan Johnson blog post (Feb 2019)

If you’re deciding between the two, both are accurate sleep trackers.

However, the form factor of the Oura may be more convenient for those who already wear a watch or do not like wearing things on their wrist.

Check out this great video if you need more help deciding.


Does Bryan Johnson use WHOOP?

Yes, Bryan Johnson uses a WHOOP to track both his workouts and sleep.

What sleep monitor does Bryan Johnson use?

Bryan Johnson uses a WHOOP and Oura to track his sleep quality over time.

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