Bryan Johnson Posture: Workout & Recommendations

Bryan Johnson Posture, Featured Image

According to Bryan Johnson, posture is an important part of his “Project Blueprint.” The entrepreneur has spent years and millions of dollars working to slow the aging process and optimize his health. A key component of this has been improving his posture, which he discovered was causing some concerning health issues. In this post, we … Read more

David Goggins Stretching Routine: Complete Guide

David Goggins Stretching, Featured Image

According to David Goggins, stretching is an essential component of his extreme physical training. Goggins follows a rigorous daily stretching protocol in preparation for enduring extreme endurance challenges. David Goggins, renowned ultramarathon runner and Navy SEAL, is famous for his intense physical and mental training routines that push the human body to its limits. In … Read more

Best Grip Strength Testers in 2024

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Look for the best grip strength tester? We got you covered. A grip strength tester is a device that measures the strength of your grip, providing valuable information about your overall hand strength. Grip strength is an essential component of many sports and activities, from weightlifting to rock climbing. It’s also a crucial factor in … Read more

6 Undisputed Best Boxing Jump Ropes in 2024

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Looking for the best boxing jump rope? You already know that for boxers, agility and footwork are as crucial as throwing a precise punch. That’s where jump ropes come into the picture, not just any jump ropes, but ones specifically designed for the high-intensity demands of a boxer’s workout. The best boxing jump ropes are … Read more

Alex Hormozi Workout: Bodybuilding Routine [2024]

Alex Hormozi Workout, Featured Image

Alex Hormozi’s workout routine consists of a full body, targeted bodybuilding regiment with minimal rest breaks. Hormozi is an entrepreneur and podcaster known for his fitness philosophy of “maximum muscle, minimum bullshit.” His training style focuses on full-body workouts done most days of the week. In this post, we will share Alex Hormozi’s complete workout … Read more

Bryan Johnson Workout: Complete Guide [2024]

Bryan Johnson Workout, Featured Image

Bryan Johnson’s workout routine is an essential component of his Blueprint anti-aging longevity effort. Over the past few years, Bryan has been developing what he calls “the world’s best anti-aging protocol,” becoming one of the most quantified and measured people on the planet in an effort to hack the human body and mind. In this … Read more

Whoop Skin Temperature: What Does It Mean

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You might be curious about how tracking the temperature of your skin with WHOOP works and why it’s important. It’s really important to know what your body is telling you so you can do your best and stay healthy. One thing we don’t talk about much but is super important is your skin temperature. It … Read more

Athlete Body Fat Percentage: A Key Metric for Sports Performance

Athlete Body Fat Percentage, Featured Image

For an athlete, body fat percentage is an important metric to measure and manage for optimal health and performance. Tracking body composition helps athletes fine-tune their training, nutrition, and recovery to reach peak shape. In this post, we will explore optimal body fat ranges for different sports, testing methods, influencing factors, and common myths about … Read more

Is Running a Sport? [Definitive Guide]

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The best answer to the question “Is running a sport?” is yes. Running is an activity enjoyed by millions worldwide, both recreationally and competitively. But there is some debate around whether running qualifies as a “sport” by definition. In this post, we will share the definition of a sport, fully analyze running to determine if … Read more

Joe Rogan Grip Strength Recommendations [2024]

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According to Joe Rogan, grip strength is an important yet often overlooked area of overall strength and fitness. Comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan is a huge advocate for training grip strength due to its benefits for activities like Brazilian jiu-jitsu and overall longevity. In this post, we will share Joe Rogan’s grip strength routine, … Read more