Andrew Huberman Hair Loss: Recommendations & Tips

Andrew Huberman, a professor of neurobiology at Stanford University, has discussed the science behind hair loss and potential treatments. With hair loss impacting about 50% of men and women by age 50, it’s a prevalent concern. In this post, we’ll summarize Huberman’s hair loss recommendations, including tips for regrowing hair and preventing further loss. Let’s … Read more

Huberman Sugarcane Endurance Protocol: Recommendations & Tips

The sugarcane endurance protocol is an intense yet time-efficient cardiovascular workout designed to boost VO2 max and anaerobic capacity. Originally developed by expert trainer Kenny Cain and popularized by Professor Andrew Huberman and Dr. Andy Galpin, this brutal but effective high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routine only takes around 15 minutes but can lead to major … Read more