Bryan Johnson HRV for Age Reversal Recommendations

Bryan Johnson HRV, Featured Image

According to Bryan Johnson, HRV (heart rate variability) is critical to his anti-aging and longevity efforts through his Blueprint project. The entrepreneur and biohacker has been focused on increasing his HRV as part of his health regimen. In this post, we will cover Bryan Johnson’s HRV recommendations and research. Bryan’s RecommendationsHRV Stimulation: Pulsetto HRV DeviceHRV … Read more

Bryan Johnson Pillow for Optimal Sleep (Recommendation)

Bryan Johnson Pillow, Featured Image

Entrepreneur Bryan Johnson has spent millions of dollars researching and testing various products like pillows to optimize his sleep and overall health. Through extensive testing, he found that using the right pillow can make a significant difference in sleep quality. In this post, we will examine Bryan Johnson’s pillow recommendation for achieving optimal sleep, the … Read more

Bryan Johnson Metformin: Science & Rationale

Bryan Johnson Metformin, Featured Image

Tech entrepreneur Bryan Johnson uses metformin as part of his Blueprint longevity protocol, but he has shared limited insights into why he uses the medication. Metformin, traditionally used as a diabetes medication, has recently gained attention for its potential anti-aging effects. In this post, we explore Bryan Johnson’s metformin usage, how he monitors important health … Read more

Bryan Johnson Grounding Sheets Recommendation

Bryan Johnson Grounding Sheets, Featured Image

Tech entrepreneur and Blueprint founder Bryan Johnson is one high-profile advocate of grounding sheets, claiming they improve his sleep quality. Grounding has gained attention from health experts like Andrew Huberman for potential health benefits like better sleep, recovery, energy, and lower inflammation. In this post, we will examine Bryan Johnson’s recommendation of grounding sheets and … Read more

Bryan Johnson Melatonin: Recommendations & Rationale

Bryan Johnson Melatonin

For Bryan Johnson, melatonin is a critical part of his science-backed bedtime routine. An advocate for enhancing health and longevity, Bryan has integrated melatonin supplementation into his daily routine in order to help him secure 100% perfect sleep scores on his Whoop sleep tracker. Bryan acknowledges controversy around melatonin supplementation but has confirmed his choice … Read more

Bryan Johnson on WHOOP: Science and Recommendations

Bryan Johnson WHOOP, Featured Image

Entrepreneur and founder of Kernel, Paypal, and the Blueprint protocol, Bryan Johnson, has reached impressive health metrics using insights from his Whoop device. According to recent data, Bryan ranks in the top 1% of Whoop users for both sleep performance and recovery scores. In this post, we will cover how Bryan uses his WHOOP to … Read more

Bryan Johnson Caffeine: Tea, Coffee, and Recommendation

Bryan Johnson Caffeine, Featured Image

Bryan Johnson, founder of Braintree, is known for optimizing his mind and body through intense self-experimentation with several supplements, including caffeine. Johnson developed Blueprint, a system for enhancing mental and physical performance through data-driven lifestyle changes. “Sleep is the new caffeine.” – Bryan Johnson (Blueprint) One area Johnson focuses on is caffeine intake. Let’s explore … Read more

Bryan Johnson Hair Care: Loss and Gray Prevention Protocol

Bryan Johnson Hair, Featured Image

If you are following Blueprint or interested in improving longevity and youthfulness, you might be looking for Bryan Johnson’s hair care routine. As part of his effort to extend his lifespan, Johnson also includes a protocol to minimize hair loss and prevent gray hair. Bryan has stressed, “The best time to start working on your hair … Read more

Bryan Johnson Skincare: Routine and Recommendations

Bryan Johnson Skincare, Featured Image

If you are following Blueprint or interested in longevity, you might be looking for Bryan Johnson’s skincare routine. As part of his effort to extend his lifespan, Johnson also includes a face routine protocol to protect his skin from age and UV-related damage. In this post, we will share Bryan Johnson’s skincare routine, the products … Read more

Bryan Johnson Air Purifier: Recommendations and Rationale

Bryan Johnson Air Purifier, Featured Image

If you are following Blueprint or interested in longevity, you might be looking for Bryan Johnson’s air purifier. In some videos, it is clear that Bryan Johnson places air purifiers throughout his home, including his bedroom. In this post, we will share which brand of air purifier Bryan Johnson uses, his rationale for air purification, … Read more