Joe Rogan Smelling Salts Experience: Recommendations [2024]

Joe Rogan Smelling Salts, Featured Image

For Joe Rogan, smelling salts are a hilarious way to get extreme reactions from his podcast guests and temporarily boost alertness. In several episodes, Rogan and his guests have sampled smelling salts, with intense reactions that highlight just how powerful these substances can be. In this post, we share the smelling salt highlights from the … Read more

Joe Rogan Folic Acid: Science & Recommendations

Joe Rogan Folic Acid

In a recent podcast episode, Joe Rogan and guest Gary Brecka dove into the crucial role that folic acid plays in our health and the potential consequences of folic acid deficiencies. Brecka illuminates how a common gene mutation called MTHFR can impact the body’s ability to process this essential nutrient. In this post, we will … Read more

Joe Rogan Office Chair: The HAG Capisco [2024]

Joe Rogan Chair, Featured Image

For comedian, martial artist, and podcast host Joe Rogan, his office chair is critical to maintaining his long, intense, multi-hour conversations with guests. To endure these marathon sessions that often exceed three hours, Rogan relies on his trusty HAG Capisco office chair. He has become one of the most vocal advocates for this unique, ergonomic … Read more

Joe Rogan Hydrogen Water: Recommendation & Benefits

Joe Rogan Hydrogen Water, Featured Image

If you’re a fan of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, you may have heard about the benefits of hydrogen water. In a recent episode, Rogan’s guest, Gary Brecka, spoke at length about the many health benefits of this unique type of water. In this post, we will share what exactly hydrogen water is and why … Read more

Bryan Johnson Red Light Therapy: Recommendations and Benefits

Bryan Johnson Red Light Therapy, Featured Image

For Bryan Johnson, red light therapy is an important tool that can help to improve health and longevity. As part of his Blueprint program, Johnson has adopted red light exposure as a cornerstone of his daily regimen, which he hopes will help him biohack his way to adding additional years to his life. In this … Read more

Joe Rogan’s Red Light Therapy Routine & Recommendation

Joe Rogan Red Light Therapy, Featured Image

For Joe Rogan, red light therapy plays a big role in improving his eye health and overall well-being. Joe Rogan, the popular podcast host and UFC commentator, has been a vocal proponent of red light therapy for its wide-ranging health benefits. In conversations with guests on his podcast, Rogan has detailed his personal red light … Read more

Does Andrew Huberman Follow a Carnivore Diet?

Professor Andrew Huberman, a renowned neuroscientist and health expert, has shared his perspective on various diets, including the increasingly popular carnivore diet. While Huberman acknowledges the potential benefits of a meat-based approach for certain individuals, he personally follows a more balanced omnivorous diet. Let’s dive into Huberman’s insights on the carnivore diet and his preferred … Read more

Bryan Johnson Posture: Workout & Recommendations

Bryan Johnson Posture, Featured Image

According to Bryan Johnson, posture is an important part of his “Project Blueprint.” The entrepreneur has spent years and millions of dollars working to slow the aging process and optimize his health. A key component of this has been improving his posture, which he discovered was causing some concerning health issues. In this post, we … Read more

Andrew Huberman Vagus Nerve: Science & Recommendations

According to Professor Andrew Huberman, vagus nerve stimulation has gained prominence in recent years as a potential pathway to calming the mind and body. Huberman further explains that the reality is more complex. In this post, we will share Andrew Huberman’s insights on the vagus nerve, how it functions, and methods to stimulate the vagus … Read more

Andrew Huberman Concussion: TBI Recovery Protocol

According to Professor Andrew Huberman, concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are complex injuries that require comprehensive treatment plans for recovery. Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman has reviewed extensive research on healing the brain and optimizing its function. In this post we will coveral Huberman’s key insights on concussion and TBI recovery. Top PicksMelatonin: Life Extension MelatoninMagnesium … Read more