Fadogia Agrestis Before and After: Is It Worth It?

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With limited scientific literature on Fadogia Agrestis, before and after reports are the best way to evaluate whether it’s right for you.

The use of herbs and natural supplements for boosting testosterone and enhancing masculinity has exploded in popularity recently. But do they really work safely and effectively?

Hailed as a potent botanical testosterone booster, Fadogia Agrestis has become a mainstay in bodybuilding circles for building muscle, torching fat, and supercharging performance.

In this post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the physical and mental effects of Fadogia Agrestis before and after supplementation.

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What is Fadogia Agrestis?

Fadogia Agrestis is a herb found in parts of Africa, primarily Nigeria and Cameroon. It has been used in folk medicine to treat various conditions and has more recently been marketed as a testosterone booster and bodybuilding supplement.

The plant contains a number of active compounds, including saponins, glycosides, and alkaloids, that are believed to influence hormonal pathways and health outcomes.

Specifically, compounds like fadogiamine and epi-fadogiamine may increase luteinizing hormone (LH) and growth hormone (GH) levels, which in turn can raise testosterone production and muscle protein synthesis.

In the past few years, Fadogia Agrestis has gained significant popularity in the fitness and bodybuilding community due to podcast and internet discussions about its potential benefits.

These potentially include:

  • Increased testosterone levels leading to muscle growth, strength gains, and fat loss
  • Improved energy, mood, confidence, libido, and sleep quality
  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that aid recovery
  • General health promotion and anti-aging effects

However, there is also controversy around the safety and efficacy of Fadogia Agrestis supplementation.

Professor Andrew Huberman says, “some people cycle Fadogia Agrestis 8 weeks on and 2 weeks off.”

Human research is lacking despite a long history of use in traditional African medicine.

Most observed benefits come from anecdotal claims online rather than rigorous clinical trials. Additionally, higher doses may stress kidney function based on limited animal data.

So, while certain compounds in the plant show promise in increasing strength and vigor, more controlled human studies on Fadogia extracts are needed to verify health impacts and establish definitive dosage guidelines.

Fadogia Agrestis Before and After

There is a wealth of anecdotal evidence online documenting dramatic improvements in energy, physique, performance, mood, and libido from using Fadogia Agrestis supplements.

For example, one Reddit user reported:

“Big difference, energy levels are much higher to the point where I don’t want to leave the gym, my strength on bench press has gone up by 10kg I’m recovering a lot faster. Sleep quality much improved deeper sleep less interruptions. More desire for sexual activity stronger morning woods. My mood is more positive I haven’t seem to be irritated much even in some scenarios where I normal would be.”

Documented benefits include:

Energy Levels

Many users mention feeling intensely energized during workouts with reduced fatigue. As one YouTuber put it:

“I was really able to just stay seated, get stuff done. And I don’t know, maybe it’s placebo, but I was like, this is having some kind of effect on my life.”

Sleep Quality

Multiple reviews cite improved sleep quality with less interruptions and insomnia. Per a Redditor:

“Sleep quality much improved deeper sleep less interruptions.”


The ability to lift heavier, train more often, and avoid debilitating soreness points to enhanced recovery.

Muscle Growth

Users note substantial strength and muscle increases in relatively short periods. For example:

“my strength on bench press has gone up by 10kg…gaining strength very fast”

Fat Loss

While less documented than muscle growth, various users comment on getting leaner and improving muscle definition.


Many cite mood improvements like reduced irritation, overthinking, and higher positivity.


Some mentions of increased sexual desire and erection strength point to boosted libido.

Furthermore, blood work and body composition tests back these experiential reports.

30 Day Before and After Report

Source: Shervin Shares

YouTuber Shervin Shares recorded a 150 ng/dL increase in total testosterone and a 5 lb gain of lean muscle after a 30-day cycle.

He reported noticeable elevations in energy, focus, motivation, and strength after 2-3 weeks:

“I just felt like this like little lift. Like just a tiny tiny bit. But to be honest with you, like that was not enough…it honestly felt ungodly. I know I have genetics that allow me to gain strength relatively fast, but this was like, this is like out of this world.”

His testosterone also increased significantly:

Source: Shervin Shares

“My testosterone was 838 Nm per desolator. That is a 39.5% increase from the first day. Free testosterone was 12 Nm per desolator. 33% increase.”

Source: Shervin Shares

He gained 5 lbs of lean muscle mass in 30 days.

So, while the long-term effects may be unreliable, some users clearly experience rapid performance and physique changes from supplementing Fadogia Agrestis.

Some note the effects diminishing over longer-term continual use.

Fadogia Agrestis Dosage

The optimal dosage for Fadogia Agrestis is unknown. Suggested dosages vary widely from 300-600 mg per day.

It’s best to start with 300 mg daily and increase slowly only if needed.

Higher doses may increase risks of toxicity and side effects.

Cycling on and off Fadogia Agrestis for 1-2 months at a time is also commonly recommended rather than taking it continuously long-term.

Fadogia Agrestis Review

The main active compounds in Fadogia Agrestis believed to influence testosterone levels, and health benefits are saponins and alkaloids.

However, there is controversy about its safety and effectiveness due to:

  • Minimal human research data, mostly rat studies
  • Potential kidney toxicity at higher doses
  • Questions around supplement quality and standardization

Fadogia Agrestis requires much more research before its true effects and safety profile can be firmly established.

How Long Does it Take for Fadogia Agrestis to Start Working?

There is little definitive information on how long it takes for Fadogia Agrestis to start increasing testosterone levels or producing noticeable effects.

Some users have reported experiencing initial benefits related to energy, mood, sleep, etc, within 1-2 weeks.

More significant muscle-building and fat-loss results seem to take 4-6 weeks.

However, response times can vary significantly based on the individual, dosages used, genetics, diet, and lifestyle factors.

Does Fadogia Agrestis Boost Testosterone?

There is some evidence from rodent studies that Fadogia Agrestis can increase testosterone production. However, current human data is limited to anecdotal claims of testosterone increases from supplementation.

For those with already normal-high testosterone, Fadogia Agrestis may not do much.

It could potentially benefit those with clinically low testosterone more.

Much more research is needed on Fadogia’s effects on hormone levels in humans.

What is More Effective – Tongkat Ali or Fadogia Agrestis?

There are no human studies comparing Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis head-to-head.

However, Tongkat Ali has more research demonstrating its testosterone benefits and safety profile in both animals and humans.

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Anecdotally, Tongkat Ali seems more likely to deliver subtle testosterone-related effects like improved mood, energy, strength etc.

Whereas Fadogia Agrestis has more uncertainty around its testosterone effects. But some people respond better to one versus the other individually.

In summary, Tongkat Ali appears the safer and possibly more reliable option between the two currently. But more research is required on both supplements.

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