Joe Rogan Coffee Preferences and Discussion in 2024

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Joe Rogan is not shy about his love for coffee and caffeine in many forms.

In this post, we will share which coffee brands Rogan prefers, his views on coffee, and JRE podcast episodes that discuss coffee.

Grab your favorite mug as we dive into everything Joe Rogan coffee!

Joe Rogan’s Preferred Coffee Brands

So, when it comes to one of Rogan’s daily coffee habits, many listeners have wanted to know which brands he prefers to fuel his routine.

Based on multiple episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience, the following 4 coffee brands stand out as Rogan’s clear favorites.

Black Rifle Coffee

The veteran-owned coffee brand Black Rifle Coffee is one Rogan routinely features and serves to his guests on the show.

As a strong proponent of supporting American businesses, especially those giving back to veterans and first responders, Rogan has a strong affinity for Black Rifle Coffee’s mission and products.

On their website, Black Rifle Coffee Company emphasizes direct trade, small batch roasting, and developing unique flavor profiles customers will love.

Rogan is reported to particularly enjoy their AK-47 dark roast, Beyond Black, and Silencer Smooth roasts.

His frequent inclusion of Black Rifle Coffee cans and products on his podcast episodes reinforces it as a definitive favorite.

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Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

While most coffee brands focus purely on finding the perfect bean and roast levels, the company Four Sigmatic goes a step beyond by incorporating medicinal mushrooms like Chaga and Lion’s Mane.

This mushroom blend caught Rogan’s attention for the unique health benefits it may offer alongside each cup of coffee.

Joe Rogan's Choice
04/03/2024 08:11 pm GMT

Rogan is vocal about the potential nootropic and energizing properties of mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, and others—pairing these with naturally caffeinating coffee is a creative coffee concept.

The adaptogenic properties and nutritional profile of Four Sigmatic seem to intrigue Rogan, likely contributing to his choice to provide it as an option for show guests.

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Laird Superfood: Turmeric Coffee Creamer

To enhance both the flavor and potential benefits of his daily coffee routine, Rogan relies on Laird Superfood coffee creamers—especially their Turmeric variety.

As a long-time proponent of incorporating turmeric for its anti-inflammatory qualities, Laird Hamilton’s functional superfood creamers deliver on providing both health perks and creamy texture.

Joe Rogan's Choice
04/03/2024 07:31 pm GMT

Rogan has vocalized the need to avoid conventional dairy creamers, making these coconut milk-based, vegan creamers a fitting solution for his coffee regimen.

Packed with coconut milk powder rather than fillers or artificial ingredients, Laird Superfood’s offerings meet Rogan’s standards in both quality and purpose.

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Caveman Coffee: Nitro Cold Brew

Infused with nitrogen bubbles to enhance its naturally smooth and sweet flavor, Caveman Coffee’s Nitro Cold Brew is lower in acidity for a refreshing coffee experience.

Specifically, he calls out preferring Caveman Coffee’s Nitro Mammoth Cold Brew.

MCT oil is also included for brain-fueling benefits Rogan speaks positively about.

Joe Rogan’s Coffee Habits

As a self-proclaimed coffee addict, Joe Rogan’s daily coffee regimen plays an integral role in powering his highly active lifestyle across multiple endeavors.

Rogan relies on quality coffee as his go-to stimulant.

Let’s take a look at Joe’s coffee preferences.

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What Coffee Does Joe Rogan Prefer?

Based on the coffee brands most visibly featured and discussed on The Joe Rogan Experience episodes, Rogan seems to prefer smooth, richly flavored dark roasts.

Specific coffees frequently showcased include Black Rifle Coffee’s Beyond Black and AK-47 blends and Four Sigmatic’s blended mushroom coffee.

When opting for hot coffee, smooth dark roasts appear as his dominant preference.

Joe Rogan's Choice
04/03/2024 08:11 pm GMT

Coffee Creamers Used by Joe Rogan

While Rogan takes his actual coffee black, he adds a splash of specialty creamer for extra flavor and health benefits.

His creamer of choice is Laird Superfood’s coconut-based Turmeric blend.

Joe Rogan's Choice
04/03/2024 07:31 pm GMT

As a vocal advocate of turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties, Rogan’s addition of turmeric creamer allows him to incorporate it conveniently into his daily ritual.

Other Laird Superfood creamers feature functional mushrooms and MCT oil, also aligned with benefits Rogan speaks positively about.

Coffee Machine in Joe Rogan’s Studio

For brewing in his podcast studio, Rogan’s coffee setup features dual Jura E8 automatic coffee machines.

These high-end, Swiss-made machines allow customized brewing with a quick, streamlined process.

Joe Rogan's Choice
04/03/2024 07:27 pm GMT

With the Jura E8’s intuitive touchscreen interface, Rogan can adjust settings like aroma strength, coffee volume, and temperature to craft each perfect cup to his exact preferences.

Joe Rogan’s Coffee Mug

When drinking his coffee, Rogan keeps it simple.

You most often see him sipping from a basic, solid black mug without any logos or text.

By all visible accounts, Rogan seems to prioritize function over flashy designs when choosing his coffee vessel.

Coffee-Related Discussions on Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

As a self-proclaimed coffee fanatic, it’s no surprise Joe Rogan frequently features in-depth coffee-centric conversations on his massively popular podcast.

From the business of coffee to myths about caffeine, Rogan has often invited experts across the coffee industry on the podcast.

Peter Giuliano (Episode #467)

Consider this the ultimate Joe Rogan coffee podcast episode.

At the time of the conversation, Peter Giuliano was the director of the Specialty Coffee Symposium.

Black Rifle Coffee Founders (Episode #1546)

In this episode, Rogan invites the founders of Black Rifle Coffee Company to detail their business model, background, and of course, favorite coffee blends.

Mat Best and Evan Hafer, both veterans of Special Forces who became entrepreneurs, established Black Rifle Coffee Company, a business focused on high-quality, small-batch coffee roasting and operated by veterans.

Outside of their roles at BRCC, they join co-host Jarred “JT” Taylor on the Free Range American podcast.

As one of Rogan’s preferred coffee brands, this provides a glimpse behind the scenes.

Daniel Holzman (Episode #1782)

In this conversation, Rogan and Daniel explore the history and process of making coffee.

Rogan notes that he used to always add cream to his coffee, but now he generally drinks black coffee.

His one exception is when he orders Starbucks coffee because he does not enjoy the taste of it black.

Bart Elmore (Episode #1722)

Bart Elmore is an associate professor and faculty member of the Sustainability Institute at the Ohio State University.

He also wrote “Seed Money: Monsanto’s Past and Our Food Future.”

In this episode, there is a brief conversation about decaffeinated coffee.

Rogan noted that decaf coffee still has caffeine in it.

A cup of decaf still has measurable amounts of caffeine.

Elmore goes on to mention that some synthetic caffeine is derived from coal tar, which is a by-product of the production process.

Listen to the episode.

Additional Beverage Choices of Joe Rogan

While quality coffee remains Joe Rogan’s undisputed morning beverage of choice, he incorporates other drink options, too

He typically focuses on health and fueling benefits.

Joe Rogan’s Kale Shake: A Healthy Alternative

Instead of juices or sodas, Rogan blends up a daily superfood-packed “kale shake” for added nutritional value.

Packed with kale, berries, avocado, apple cider vinegar, and collagen protein, this thick shake provides antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and gut-health support he also advocates to listeners.

Keto-Friendly Drinks Featured on the Podcast

For guests following a ketogenic diet, Rogan thoughtfully provides non-carb, fat-fueling beverages.

His go-to keto drinks include fellow podcaster Bulletproof Coffee’s signature grass-fed butter coffee or smoothies enhanced with MCT oil.

Rogan also frequently discusses his interest in kombucha for gut health as another diet-agnostic option.

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