Joe Rogan’s Energy Drink: Everything You Need to Know [2024]

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If you’re a fan of Joe Rogan’s podcast, then you’ve probably seen him sipping on a Kill Cliff energy drink during many episodes.

Rogan has been a long-time advocate of CBD and clean energy, so it was only natural that he partnered with Kill Cliff to create his very own CBD-infused energy drink called the Flaming Joe.

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Joe Rogan’s energy drink, including his partnership with Kill Cliff to create the Flaming Joe energy drink, its ingredients, taste, where to buy it, and includes information about Kill Cliff and reviews of the product

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Kill Cliff Flaming Joe

Joe Rogan Energy Drink Partnership

Credit: Kill Cliff

As an immensely popular podcast host, comedian, and UFC commentator, Joe Rogan has a massive audience and is an influential tastemaker.

He’s also a huge believer in the benefits of CBD for mental and physical wellbeing.

CBD is a frequent topic of discussion on his podcast.

Kill Cliff is the leading CBD beverage brand, offering a range of innovative CBD-infused energy, recovery, and immunity-boosting drinks.

Their products use high-quality CBD from broad-spectrum hemp and contain no sugar or artificial ingredients.

Given their shared passion for clean energy and CBD, a partnership between Rogan and Kill Cliff made perfect sense.

They teamed up to formulate the Flaming Joe as a unique new addition to Kill Cliff’s lineup that captured Rogan’s personality and taste preferences.

What is Flaming Joe?

The Flaming Joe is a one-of-a-kind CBD energy drink dreamt up by Joe Rogan and brought to life by Kill Cliff.

It combines sweet pineapple flavors with a spicy kick of heat for a truly unique taste. The name is a play on Rogan’s famous “Flaming Joe Rogan” bit.

Each 12 oz can of Flaming Joe contains:

  • 25mg of CBD extracted from 125mg of broad-spectrum hemp
  • 25mg of natural caffeine from green tea
  • Only 20 calories
  • B vitamins and electrolytes for energy and hydration
  • No sugar or artificial ingredients

The CBD is extracted using a nano-emulsification technology that allows for faster absorption and higher bioavailability compared to regular CBD isolate.

The broad-spectrum hemp formula includes other beneficial cannabinoids besides CBD for an “entourage effect”.

In terms of effects, the Flaming Joe is designed to provide a clean, balanced boost of energy and focus from the green tea caffeine and B vitamins.

The inclusion of CBD may also provide a feeling of calm, relaxation and stress relief to balance out the energizing effects of the caffeine.

Many people find CBD helps with exercise recovery as well.

Flaming Joe Flavor Profile

The flavor profile Joe and Kill Cliff landed on for Flaming Joe is truly unique – a sweet and tangy pineapple base with a slowly building heat on the finish from spicy cayenne or habanero peppers (the exact spicy ingredient is a secret).

On the first sip, you get a refreshing blast of natural pineapple flavor that’s not overly sweet or artificial tasting. The mouthfeel is light, crisp and extremely drinkable.

As you continue drinking, a subtle tingle starts to build, thanks to the spicy peppers. It’s noticeable but not overpowering — more of an interesting accent to the pineapple than a full-on burn.

The heat dissipates quickly, enticing you to take another sip.

It’s a highly original combo that somehow just works. If you like pineapple and don’t mind a bit of spice, it’s extremely refreshing and easy to drink.

Unlike most energy drinks, there’s no chemical aftertaste thanks to the all-natural ingredients. Many have described it as addictive.

Where to Buy Flaming Joe and Kill Cliff

Flaming Joe is available on Amazon or directly from Kill Cliff’s website.

Joe Rogan's Energy Drink
04/10/2024 11:23 pm GMT

Kill Cliff products are also sold in a variety of gyms, health food stores, and supplement shops around the country.

Joe Rogan Elk Blood Energy Drink

The spicy pineapple Flaming Joe isn’t Rogan’s only collaboration with Kill Cliff.

He also worked with friend and fellow hunter Cam Hanes to create a cherry vanilla concoction called Elk Blood.

It has a similar formula and CBD content to Flaming Joe.

The name is inspired by Rogan and Hanes’ shared love of bow hunting elk.

While it doesn’t contain any actual animal blood, it’s designed to provide clean, sustained energy for long outdoor adventures.

The flavor is described as a “cherry bomb” with a hint of spice.

About Kill Cliff

Founded by a Navy SEAL, Kill Cliff is on a mission to provide clean, healthy energy drinks to fuel active lifestyles.

In addition to their CBD line, they offer more traditional canned energy drinks with B-vitamins, electrolytes, green tea, and no sugar.

A portion of Kill Cliff’s sales go to charities that support military veterans, first responders and their families.

Through their Official Partnership with the Navy SEAL Foundation, they provide support, programs and events for the Naval Special Warfare community.

Flaming Joe Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Joe Rogan’s massive popularity means there was a lot of hype and curiosity around his Flaming Joe drink when it launched. Here’s what some reviewers had to say after trying it:

“I was a little nervous to try this since I don’t love spicy things, but the heat is really mild and pleasant. It’s more of a tingle than a burn. The CBD also seems to mellow out the caffeine, so I feel energized but not wired. Highly recommend for Rogan fans!” – Lisa M.

“I’ve tried a bunch of Kill Cliff flavors but this one is definitely my favorite. It’s just a fun, unique drink that’s perfect in the morning or before the gym. I’m not sure if I notice the CBD doing much but it’s nice to know it’s there.” – Steve B.

The general consensus is that Flaming Joe lives up to the hype in terms of taste and delivers a nice clean buzz from the green tea caffeine and CBD.

Even those who don’t typically like energy drinks enjoy it. The main complaints are the relatively high price per can and lack of more retailer availability.

Final Word on Flaming Joe

Overall, the Joe Rogan Flaming Joe CBD energy drink from Kill Cliff is a truly innovative and delicious product that captures Rogan’s vibe perfectly.

The combo of pineapple sweetness and spicy heat is unlike any other energy drink on the market.

While it is pricier than your average energy drink, the high-quality CBD, natural caffeine, and lack of artificial ingredients justify the premium price for many.

If you’re a fan of Rogan, like unique flavor combos, and want a clean source of energy and focus, the Flaming Joe is definitely worth trying.

Even if you’re not typically an energy drink person, this isn’t your typical energy drink.

The inclusion of CBD, green tea, and real fruit set it apart from the artificial, high-sugar offerings that dominate the market. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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