Joe Rogan Sauna: Type, Routine, and Benefits [2024]

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Joe Rogan has significantly contributed to the rising popularity of saunas across the United States in recent years.

Rogan mentions that he utilizes his sauna for mental advantages and to recuperate from his rigorous exercise routine and demanding schedule.

In this post, I will share the type of sauna Joe Rogan uses, his sauna routine, and his rationale for regularly using a sauna.

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Joe Rogan Sauna Type

Joe Rogan has mentioned using both infrared and traditional thermal saunas.

Based on older podcast episodes, Rogan frequently mentioned using infrared saunas, which aren’t able to get as hot as traditional saunas.

Since then he has switched to barrel saunas provided to him by a partnership with Salus Saunas.

What sauna does Joe Rogan Use?

Rogan uses a barrel sauna made by Salus Saunas.

The two models that he uses at his studio are:

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Sauna Alternatives

In a conversation with Dr. Rhonda Patrick, an alternative sauna tent was also mentioned as a more affordable and space-saving option.

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Dr. Patrick has stated that sauna usage mimics the health benefits of physical exercise, including elevated heart rate, strengthened immune system, and mental clarity. (source)

She also mentioned a 20-30-minute hot bath can have an antidepressant effect. 

Joe Rogan Sauna Routine

Rogan sets his sauna to 180 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit and will spend between 25 and 30 minutes in the sauna for each session. (source)

He often combines his sauna routine with a cold ice plunge set to 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Rogan has touted the mental resilience benefits of staying in the sauna as long as tolerable.

He will often push himself to stay in longer than he feels capable of by adding five additional minutes at the end of his sessions.

But he has acknowledged the safety risks of doing this alone.

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Sauna Timing

Rogan’s most common sauna usage is after a workout.

He turns on his sauna prior to his workout so that it is fully heated by the time he is finished. (source)

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Why Does Joe Rogan Use Sauna

In an Instagram post, Rogan stated that he uses his sauna regularly “Because I’m old and I’m trying to keep my body firing on all cylinders.”

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Rogan went on further to say the sauna:

  • Increases his endurance
  • Improves his stretching routine (inside and outside the sauna)
  • Recovery post-workout

At various points, Rogan has worn a WHOOP fitness tracker to track things like skin temperature, HRV, and other recovery indicators.

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Mental Health Benefits

Rogan has also mentioned that he performs meditation and breathwork practices while in the sauna. (source)

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He will also listen to an audiobook or guided meditation exercise on his Airpods.

Note: Rogan has mentioned listening to Sam Harris’s Waking Up meditation series

Rogan says he is able to use his Airpods up to 180 degrees in the sauna.


Does Joe Rogan use a steam sauna?

Joe Rogan regularly uses a barrel sauna. This type of sauna generally uses dry heat, unlike a steam sauna which functions by heating water vapor.

What type of sauna does Joe Rogan recommend?

Joe Rogan has a partnership with Salus Saunas and recommends their traditional barrel saunas, which he uses at the Joe Rogan Experience podcast studio.

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