Andrew Huberman InsideTracker: Recommendations and Use Cases

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Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman often discusses and recommends InsideTracker, a personalized nutrition platform that utilizes blood testing and DNA analysis.

This post will examine Huberman’s use and recommendation of InsideTracker.

We’ll explore what the platform offers, Huberman’s personal experience with their services, his ongoing endorsement as a podcast sponsor, and key details about how InsideTracker can help optimize wellness through blood biomarker analysis.

Key Takeaway: Huberman sees value in InsideTracker’s personalized approach to blood testing and biomarker optimization.

What is InsideTracker?

Source: InsideTracker

InsideTracker is a personalized nutrition platform that offers blood and DNA analysis to help users better understand their health and optimize key biomarkers.

The service involves getting regular bloodwork done and sending the results to InsideTracker.

Their team of scientists and nutritionists then analyzes your biomarkers and provides a personalized dashboard outlining lifestyle, nutrition, and supplement recommendations tailored to your goals and biomarkers.

The aim is to move important markers like hormones, lipids, vitamins, and inflammation into optimal ranges for vitality and longevity.

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Huberman’s InsideTracker Use Case

InsideTracker blood test dashboard view
InsideTracker Dashboard

Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist who regularly advocates for blood testing to monitor health biomarkers.

He has personally used InsideTracker’s services and believes the personalized dashboard is valuable for interpreting blood and DNA data.

Rather than just receiving blood test results, InsideTracker tells you what to do to optimize problematic levels.

Huberman has found this straightforward approach helpful for adjusting nutritional intake, behaviors, and supplements to support health goals.

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Andrew Huberman InsideTracker Recommendation

Huberman InsideTracker blood test

Huberman often recommends InsideTracker to his podcast listeners for affordable and regular blood testing.

DNA testing, like 23andMe, is another affordable option that can provide insights into how your genetics may play a role in your performance and energy levels.

He highlights the value of tracking biomarkers like hormones, lipids, and inflammation over time.

While many doctors do not readily offer comprehensive testing, Huberman suggests services like InsideTracker as an alternative option.

He notes the platform now tests for cardiovascular health markers like apolipoprotein B in their ultimate plan.

Knowing this can provide useful insights for those concerned with heart health.

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Huberman Lab Blood Test Discussion

In a podcast episode with David Sinclair, Andrew Huberman spoke further about the value of regular blood testing.

An easy way to get started with blood tests is to find out which blood type you have with a simple at-home test.

He highlighted how blood testing enables tracking key biomarkers like HbA1c for blood sugar, CRP for inflammation, and apolipoprotein B for cardiovascular health.

Huberman noted that even if full testing is unaffordable through a doctor, using a blood test a couple of times a year provides useful data to share with your physician.

Huberman again emphasized the importance of regular blood work for monitoring health to remove the guesswork and provide science-backed guidance on improving any problematic biomarker levels.

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Huberman InsideTracker Endorsement and Sponsorship

InsideTracker is an ongoing sponsor of The Huberman Lab podcast.

Huberman regularly provides endorsements and thanks them for their support during his episodes.

He has an exclusive url for his listeners to get 20% off InsideTracker plans.

This highlights an affiliate relationship where Huberman likely earns a commission for new sign-ups.


Does Andrew Huberman use InsideTracker himself?

Yes, Huberman has personally used InsideTracker and gotten blood testing done through their service. He speaks from firsthand experience in recommending them.

What biomarkers does InsideTracker test for?

InsideTracker tests over 50 biomarkers related to hormones, vitamins, inflammation, lipids, blood sugar, and cardiovascular health. Different plans offer varying levels of testing based on individual needs and budget.

Why does Huberman recommend InsideTracker?

Huberman likes that InsideTracker moves beyond just providing blood test results by also offering science-backed guidance on improving any problematic biomarker levels. This can provide personalized nutrition and lifestyle insights based on an individual’s unique biology and goals.

Is Huberman paid by InsideTracker?

Yes, InsideTracker is a sponsor of Huberman’s podcast. However, his recommendation seems primarily based on personal experience using the service.

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