The 5 Best Steel Maces of 2024: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Are you looking for the best steel mace to take your functional strength workouts to the next level?

Steel mace training can build grip strength, rotational power, shoulder mobility, and stability like no other tool.

A quality steel mace is essential for getting the most out of this ancient and effective training modality.

In this post, we’ve compiled the top steel maces on the market to help you find the best one for your needs and budget.

Top Picks
Best Overall: Synergee Steel Mace
Best for Beginners: Philosophy Gym
Best Adjustable Steel Mace: Adjustable Steel Mace
Best Heavy Steel Mace: POWER GUIDANCE
Best on a Budget: Retrospec Steel

Best Steel Mace

Synergee Steel Mace (Best Overall)

Best Overall
Synergee Steel Mace
  • Solid, one-piece steel
  • Secure grip
  • Available in 5-40 lbs
04/24/2024 02:06 pm GMT

The Synergee Steel Mace takes the top spot as the best overall steel mace thanks to its high quality construction, ideal specs, and excellent user reviews.

Made from solid one-piece steel, the Synergee mace is built to last through years of demanding training. The handle features 1.2mm diamond knurling for a secure grip even during dynamic swings and flows.

At 41″ long with a 3.6″ diameter sphere, it has the ideal dimensions for steel mace training.

Synergee’s maces are available in weights from 5-40lbs in 5lb increments, so you can choose the perfect starting weight and progress as you get stronger.

They offer a solid feel, smooth movements, and the ability to deliver a challenging full-body workout.

Philosophy Gym Steel Mace (Best for Beginners)

Best for Beginners
Philosophy Gym Steel Mace Bell for Strength Training
  • Secure head welding
  • Available in 5-30lbs
04/24/2024 02:09 pm GMT

The Philosophy Gym Steel Mace is an ideal choice for beginner mace trainees looking for a quality, affordable starter mace.

With weights from 5-30lbs, you can start light as you learn proper mace technique before moving up to heavier weights. The 1.6″ thick knurled handle provides a secure grip, and the black matte coating is durable.

The head is securely welded and it has a good overall balance. While the coating may chip with hard use, performance isn’t affected.

If you’re new to steel mace training and want a budget-friendly, beginner-appropriate mace, the Philosophy Gym Steel Mace is a great option to get started with.

LIKOLO Professional Adjustable Steel Mace (Best Adjustable Steel Mace)

Best Adjustable
Adjustable Steel Mace Barbell
  • Simple adjustment offers wider range of weight
  • Weight ranges are 9-18 lbs, 13-22 lbs, and 18-31 lbs
04/24/2024 02:11 pm GMT

The LIKOLO Professional Adjustable Steel Mace is a versatile and cost-effective choice if you want to be able to change the weight of your mace.

Available in 9-18 lbs, 13-22 lbs, and 18-31 lbs weight ranges, each adjustable mace allows you to use multiple weights in a single tool.

This is perfect if you’re progressing in weight or want to use different loads for different exercises.

The LIKOLO mace has a durable steel construction with a secure locking pin to change weights. The knurled handle prevents slipping during use.

While adjustable maces aren’t as balanced as fixed-weight ones, they offer great value and flexibility for home gyms.

Retrospec Steel Mace (Best on a Budget)

Best on a Budget
Retrospec Steel Macebell
  • Secure powder-coated grip
  • Fully-welded head
04/24/2024 02:12 pm GMT

If you’re on a tight budget, the Retrospec Steel Mace provides incredible bang for your buck at under $30 for a 7lb mace. Despite the low price, it doesn’t compromise on quality.

The Retrospec mace is made of durable all-steel construction with a fully welded head. The powder coating provides a secure grip and protects the mace from the elements.

Weighing options range from 5-30lbs, with the 7, 10 and 15lb models offering the best value. This mace is a hit with users who praise its sturdy construction and ability to deliver an effective workout. While the coating may chip, performance isn’t impacted.

As a budget steel mace, the Retrospec offers unbeatable performance for the price. It’s a great choice for anyone wanting to try steel mace training without a big investment.

POWER GUIDANCE Steel Mace (Best Heavy Steel Mace)

Best Heavy
POWER GUIDANCE Steel Mace Macebell Cast Iron
  • Extra wide knurling handle
  • Top-rated durability
04/24/2024 02:14 pm GMT

When you’re ready to go heavy with your mace training, the POWER GUIDANCE Steel Mace has you covered with high-quality maces up to 30lbs.

POWER GUIDANCE maces are made of solid steel for maximum durability. The beefy handle with extra wide knurling ensures a rock solid grip even on the heaviest weights.

These heavy-duty maces are built to stand up to the most punishing workouts. Users love the solid feel and substantial heft of the 20-30lb POWER GUIDANCE maces for building serious strength.

The 15 and 20lb models offer the best combination of challenge and value for most experienced users. If you want a beast of a mace that will push your limits, POWER GUIDANCE is the way to go.

Steel Mace Buyer’s Guide

Here are the key factors to consider when choosing the best steel mace for you.


Steel maces typically range from 5-50lbs.

7-15lb maces are most popular for beginning and intermediate users.

20lb+ maces are ideal for strength-focused advanced trainees.

Choose a weight that challenges you for 10-15 reps.


Most steel maces are 36-44″ long.

Longer maces are generally better for swinging and flow exercises, while shorter maces are easier to control.


Look for a textured steel handle for a secure grip.

Knurled and powder-coated handles are best.

Avoid maces with rubber or foam handles.


The best steel maces are made of solid one-piece steel construction with a fully welded head for maximum durability.

Avoid maces with plastic, cement, or sand-filled heads.

Steel Mace Workouts for Beginners

If you’re new to steel mace training, it’s important to start with the basics.

Begin with foundational moves like 360s, 10-to-2s, and barbarian squats to build strength and technique.

As you progress, add more advanced exercises like switch lunges, arm bars, and rotational slams.

Onnit Steel Mace: A Premium Option

Onnit is a well-known brand in the functional fitness world, and its steel maces are a top choice for many athletes.

Made from high-quality materials and featuring a unique spiral grip handle, Onnit steel maces are built for performance.

They offer a range of weights and sizes, including a 25lb mace for advanced users.

If you’re looking for a premium mace and don’t mind paying extra, Onnit is worth considering.

Adjustable Steel Maces: Pros and Cons

Adjustable steel maces like the LIKOLO Professional Adjustable Steel Mace offer the convenience of multiple weights in one tool.

This can save space and money compared to buying several fixed-weight maces.

However, adjustable maces may not feel as balanced as fixed-weight options, and the locking mechanisms can wear out over time.

Consider your needs and preferences when deciding between adjustable and fixed-weight maces.

Steel Mace vs Steel Club: What’s the Difference?

Steel maces and steel clubs are similar tools, but there are some key differences.

Steel clubs have a shorter handle and a larger, spherical head, while maces have a longer handle and a smaller, conical head.

Clubs are better for swinging exercises, while maces excel at chopping and pressing moves.

Many athletes use both tools to get the benefits of each.

DIY Steel Mace: How to Make Your Own

If you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own steel mace with some basic materials and tools.

You’ll need a steel pipe for the handle, a steel ball for the head, and a way to attach them securely.

Keep in mind that DIY maces may not be as durable or balanced as professionally made options.

But if you enjoy a project and want to save money, making your own mace can be a fun option.

Macebell Benefits: Why You Should Train with a Steel Mace

Steel mace training offers a host of benefits for functional strength, conditioning, and mobility.

Swinging a mace builds rotational power, core stability, and grip strength.

The uneven weight distribution challenges your balance and coordination.

And the versatility of the tool allows for a wide range of exercises to keep your workouts fresh.


What weight steel mace should I start with?

Beginners should start with a 7-15lb steel mace, depending on their strength and fitness level. This allows you to learn proper technique while still providing a challenging workout.

Can you build muscle with a steel mace?

Yes, steel mace training can build muscle, especially in the shoulders, core, and grip. The uneven weight distribution and dynamic movements stimulate muscle growth and strength gains.

Is a steel mace better than a kettlebell?

Neither tool is inherently better than the other – they offer different benefits. Steel maces are great for rotational power and mobility, while kettlebells excel at ballistic movements and posterior chain development. Many athletes use both tools in their training.

How long should a steel mace workout be?

A typical steel mace workout can be anywhere from 10-30 minutes, depending on your goals and schedule. Even a short, intense mace session can provide an effective full-body workout.

Can you use a steel mace every day?

It’s generally not recommended to use a steel mace every day, as your body needs time to recover between workouts. Aim for 2-3 mace sessions per week, with rest days or other types of training in between.

What muscles does a steel mace work?

Steel mace training works a wide range of muscles, including the shoulders, chest, back, core, glutes, and grip. The dynamic nature of mace exercises engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously for a full-body workout.

How do you clean a steel mace?

To clean your steel mace, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth after each use. If it starts to rust, you can use a wire brush or steel wool to remove the rust, then apply a thin coat of oil to protect the metal.

Can beginners use a steel mace?

Yes, beginners can use a steel mace with proper instruction and a light starting weight. It’s important to learn correct technique from a qualified coach or comprehensive training program before attempting more advanced moves.

What’s the difference between a steel mace and a macebell?

“Steel mace” and “macebell” are often used interchangeably to refer to the same tool. Some brands may use one term or the other, but there is no functional difference between a steel mace and a macebell.

How thick should a steel mace handle be?

A steel mace handle should be around 1.5-2″ in diameter to allow for a comfortable and secure grip. Thicker handles may be more challenging to hold onto, while thinner handles can cause discomfort during longer workouts.

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