Bryan Johnson Chocolate: Science & Recommendations [2024]

Bryan Johnson Chocolate, Featured Image

According to Bryan Johnson, chocolate plays a role in optimizing your longevity and overall performance. While many chocolate bars on the market are loaded with sugar and unhealthy additives, Bryan is focused on finding the healthiest, most beneficial dark chocolate. In this post, we’ll dive deep into what chocolate does Bryan Johnson eat, why he … Read more

Bryan Johnson Sleep: Complete Guide & Recommendations

Bryan Johnson Sleep, Featured Image

According to Bryan Johnson, sleep will give you superpowers. Are you tired of feeling groggy and unproductive during the day? Many people face challenges when it comes to getting high-quality sleep. In this post, we will share all of Bryan Johnson’s sleep recommendations, best practices, and personal results. Top PicksBlue Light Glasses: Prospek Blue Light … Read more

Bryan Johnson Red Light Therapy: Recommendations and Benefits

Bryan Johnson Red Light Therapy, Featured Image

For Bryan Johnson, red light therapy is an important tool that can help to improve health and longevity. As part of his Blueprint program, Johnson has adopted red light exposure as a cornerstone of his daily regimen, which he hopes will help him biohack his way to adding additional years to his life. In this … Read more

Bryan Johnson Posture: Workout & Recommendations

Bryan Johnson Posture, Featured Image

According to Bryan Johnson, posture is an important part of his “Project Blueprint.” The entrepreneur has spent years and millions of dollars working to slow the aging process and optimize his health. A key component of this has been improving his posture, which he discovered was causing some concerning health issues. In this post, we … Read more

Bryan Johnson Workout: Complete Guide [2024]

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Bryan Johnson’s workout routine is an essential component of his Blueprint anti-aging longevity effort. Over the past few years, Bryan has been developing what he calls “the world’s best anti-aging protocol,” becoming one of the most quantified and measured people on the planet in an effort to hack the human body and mind. In this … Read more

Bryan Johnson’s Toothpaste And Oral Hygiene Routine

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According to Bryan Johnson, toothpaste and oral health are critical components of his anti-aging protocol. If you’re looking to optimize your longevity using Bryan Johnson’s Blueprint protocol, why not also steal his toothpaste and oral health routine as well? Bryan’s dentist says, “you have the gums of a healthy teenager”. In this post, we will … Read more

Bryan Johnson’s Lunch: Anti-Aging “Super Veggie” Regimen

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For Bryan Johnson, lunch is his first vegetable-based meal of the day to boost longevity. Bryan has invested millions into Project Blueprint – his intensive health system aimed at biologically hacking and reversing the aging process. One signature component is Johnson’s daily anti-aging “Super Veggie” bowl. In this post, we will cover the ingredients behind … Read more

Bryan Johnson Protein Intake, Recommendations, & Sources

Bryan Johnson Protein

According to Bryan Johnson, protein intake is a critical component of his Blueprint longevity and health optimization protocol. Spending over $2 million per year on health supplements and devices, Bryan Johnson is known for his intense self-optimization routines and biohacking habits. One aspect that often draws attention is Bryan’s protein intake and source. In this … Read more

Joe Rogan on Bryan Johnson: Anti-Aging Blueprint Protocol

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Joe Rogan has discussed the anti-aging regimen of Bryan Johnson on his popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. Johnson is an entrepreneur who founded the company Braintree and has invested heavily into life extension technologies through his Blueprint protocol. Rogan provided insight into Johnson’s intense health optimization protocol. In this post, we will share Rogan’s … Read more

Bryan Johnson Spermidine and Chlorella for Longevity

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Bryan Johnson is an entrepreneur who is focused on living as long as possible. He has made recommendations about taking the compound spermidine and chlorella supplements. In this post, we will share Bryan’s advice on spermidine and chlorella based on his Blueprint protocol and available research. Overall Recommendations: What is Spermidine? Spermidine is a naturally … Read more