Gary Brecka Grounding & PEMF for Optimal Health

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Two key pillars of biohacker Gary Brecka’s longevity effort are grounding (also known as earthing) and the use of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) mats.

Brecka is known for his cutting-edge strategies for enhancing cellular function and promoting longevity.

In this post, we’ll share Gary Brecka’s perspectives on how grounding and PEMF could potentially impact your health.

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Gary Brecka Grounding

According to biohacker Gary Brecka, grounding or earthing—directly contacting the earth with bare feet—can profoundly impact health by changing the pH and charge of the blood.

While many write this off as unscientific, Brecka asserts there is valid proof that connecting with the earth’s natural magnetic field benefits human physiology.

Brecka explains that the pH scale measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is based on its hydrogen ion concentration.

The optimal pH range for blood is narrow, and Brecka claims grounding can help make it more alkaline.

This happens through an “electron exchange” when bare feet touch grass, soil, sand, or earth – the body discharges and equalizes to the earth’s magnetic field.

Gary Brecka Grounding Health Benefits

Gary Brecka describes several key health benefits of grounding.

One of these benefits is the repolarization of cell membranes. Grounding changes the electrical charges on cell surfaces, allowing for optimal nutrient and waste exchange through the cell wall.

When cells have similar charges, they repel each other rather than sticking together. Another benefit is the reduction of blood cell clumping.

If red blood cells have opposite charges, they clump together, reducing their surface area for exchanging oxygen and nutrients.

Grounding recharges the cells so they separate and can function optimally. Additionally, grounding could help recharge mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells that produce ATP, the energy currency that powers the body.

Brecka says that just a few minutes of grounding can recharge all ~110 trillion mitochondria in the human body.

Lastly, while Brecka considers alkaline water to be a “marketing myth,” he believes that grounding is an effective way to alkalize the blood by altering its electrical charge.

More alkaline blood creates an environment where disease is less likely to thrive.

Gary Brecka Grounding Recommendation

To get the benefits, Gary Brecka advises spending just 3-5 minutes per day barefoot on grass, soil, sand, or earth.

He says the ion exchange and recharge happen instantly upon contact.

For those who live in cold climates or can’t ground outside regularly, Brecka suggests using an indoor pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) mat.

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These mats produce a magnetic field that mimics the Earth’s to provide similar grounding effects.

Brecka keeps one in his own bed, but emphasizes actually touching the earth is best when possible.

Gary Brecka PEMF Mats and 5G

Another reason Gary Brecka advocates PEMF mats is to combat the effects of 5G cellular networks. He explains that 5G frequencies may disrupt the charges on our cells, causing them to clump together abnormally.

Brecka recommends using the website to map how many 5G towers are close to your home.

For those in high 5G areas, he considers PEMF mats essential to “blow that frequency out of the body” and restore healthy cellular charges.

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